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Did not receive product and could not track

Love it

My skin feels so clean and baby soft when i use this, the price did put me off but the amount of
Good reviews it has i just had to try it. Definitely worth it and it lasts, doesn't fray or tear, lathers up really well too!

Hair Oil
Chanice Symone
Should have added this oil in my hair care a long time ago

I started using this hair oil nearly 2 months ago when I had my sew in, I added the oil on my leave out and it kept my hair moisturised I also add drops through my braids underneath and ir felt so good on my scalp, it helps with the itchiness in my scalp.

I have since remove my sew in and was surprised with how my hair has grown 2 inches.

This oil is now part of my hair care routine. I will now by the 100ml when I can. Will definitely by this and highly recommend this product

TemiTumeric Face and Body Soap
Amelie Korolewicz Rose
Not suitable for sensitive skin!

Used on my face once and the next morning I had puffy eyes which didn’t go down for three days and broke out massively on my forehead and chin.

Hair Oil
Chanyka Shea
Hair growth

Love this oil
Abit pricey but definitely worth it!
My. Hair is so strong long and healthy

Hair Oil

Love the smell, I believe the product is working. Just wish my top of the bottle would come off easier

So happy I can't wait to use the product 😘♥️💕beautiful package

Hair Oil

Very happy with delivery and fast delivery good package so happy I can't wait to use it and see my results

Hair Oil

Amazing product! I have always had hair that failed to grow.. until I found this! After one bottle my hair started to grow. It is now enough for a small bob! So I’ve bought another two bottles! The oil feels good and smells great. Thank you! I’m a fan

Hair Oil
Antoinette Charlery

Hair Oil

Shower Combo
Hajnalka Bogyo
I love the Shower Combo ^^

I really enjoy using the shower combo and it does feel like it made a difference for my skin. I noticed the biggest change using it on my face, my breakouts are so much less red and annoying I love it I am about to order some more of the soap and a shower combo for my mum as a present ^^ Thank you so much!

first time using this and its very exfoliating got rid of my shaving bumps i like it and it came quick.

MJ Hair Oil

At first the scent is a little overpowering. I use my hair oil mainly at night, then cover with a bonnet. Over night the oil sinks into the scalp and the scent softens. My hair smells so much better.

I would recommend as I’ve also seen some growth.

Shower Combo

Came in good condition

Really makes a difference to the skin

Hair Oil
Nerissa Willis
Hair oil

I can see abit of improvement..So I will see what happens in a few months.

Hair Oil
Whitney Mckenzie
Good oil

I thought it would keep my daughters hair not moisturised but all good

Not made any difference to the pigmentation on my face yet , l think it was a waste of money 😑 😒 😕

Shower Combo

Beautiful on the skin !! I have eczema and I could see a difference after just a week !! I love this product so much 🫶🫶

Hair Oil

I had bald patch on my hair and itching but few weeks of using the oil, my hair is growing back and the itching have stopped 👌🏾 am ordering one for my daughter today.

Shower Combo
Shirin Fahmida Sadique
Was okay,

Left skin feeling really clean, wouldn't say it had much of an effect on dark spots or rough skin. It's been 8/9 weeks, maybe I just need to keep going for a bit longer

Has made my skin feel so soft and the soap has helped my skin so much

Hair Oil
AminA Rabiu

Hair Oil

Hair Oil
Dein Lawson
New hair growth

I've been using Zarina’s hair oil and I'm amazed at the improvement in my hair growth. After experiencing hair loss post-COVID, which left me feeling disheartened, I tried various hair growth oils with minimal results. Now, I'm looking forward to getting another bottle.

Hair Oil
Zana Kaye
Great oil

Amazing just cut my hair, and it's aiding my hair growth.