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Nice smell

Smells very nice

love it

great soap, skins tone noticeably evened out

Best thing I Ever found for my Eczema

Love this product, already seen a huge improvement in my skin. Can’t wait to see the updates after a few months

Hair Oil

The smell is great and the oil ain’t too oily and it feels amazing on my hair and scalp. It doesn’t cause any itchiness. It helps my hair grow a bit


really like this product, works great for both facial body acne and scarring. only criticism might be the size of the trial soaps, i felt as though they were a bit too small to garner results with consistent use! i was very glad i decided to purchase two of them because i needed two to properly see results. would definitely purchase a full sized version in the future. x

Soap and sponge

Makes my skin really soft, I had sort of bumpy legs before and a lot of ingrown hairs but now after I use the soap and sponge they are super smooth.

Shower Combo
Hayleigh Ellis

I bought this shower combo and it arrived a couple days ago. After only 2 days I can already see and feel a difference in my skin. The sponge is the best exfoliating sponge I’ve used and it dries super quickly which I love! My dark patches already look brighter from the soap and my skin is so smooth! It was dispatched and arrived so quickly as well. Highly recommend, it’s definitely worth a try!

Shower Combo
Eileen Erich

Shower Combo

Shower Combo
it didn’t work for me:(

This is no hate whatsoever, it’s worked for many people but for me it just didn’t work. I was using it for every other day in the shower, over the past month almost everyday but i’ve seen no results. Maybe i’m doing something wrong but i’m really sad it didn’t work for me. I have really bad hyperpigmentation around my neck, underarms, knees etc and it didn’t work:( I hope it works for other people though.


I ordered this item on the 1st Aug and was very surprised that it came the 3rd Aug. I used it straight away once it came I had been using for 1 week (not constantly) but noticed that from my shoulder up until my armpit on both sides I had been having some random acne on the outside of my arms. It didn’t matter how much scrubs I used I just kept getting spots they would come and go but my skin was like sandpaper when I would run my hands down my arm. I’ve used this soap a couple of times and I can honestly say the my skin on my arms are now clear and soft I love it I’ve now ordered the African exfoliating sponge to use with my soap can’t wait to see what it does to my eczema on my leg.

Penetrating Glow Body and Face Oil

Hair Oil
No Change

I have not seen any difference after 60 days. But I would wait until I have used the complete bottle before giving a complete review

Life Changing!!

Having suffered from eczema I had alot of hyperpigmentation and darkening of my skin being a poc and having tried everything to lessen this I was losing hope but after trying the turmeric soap ive seen a difference already! My skin is returning to its normal colour again and I could not recommend this enough!!!

TemiTumeric Body and Face Scrub

TemiTumeric Face and Body Soap

Hair Oil
Pippa Ugwumadu
experiment on me

I love the hair growth oil, learnt not to apply too much, just every other day to three days.

Love it

Such a good exfoliator, makes me feel so clean! Also doesn't hold onto water so doesn't build bacteria up in the same way a loofah does, amazing!!!


It is excellent but I still think it’s pricey

Shower Combo
Louise Bernard
Amazing products dry arms and eczema almost gone

Been using these products around 2 months now and I have noticed a big difference in my eczema.

Hair Oil
Nyasha H
Gentle and easy to use

Great product

Trio Glow Set
Malvis Karien
Trio glow set

The glow from the tumeric oil & soap is superb but the scrub the oil in it is too much so i used it twice but the products are very good


Best soap ever. Really helped with scars I had on my face. My body felt amazing after using it. Will definitely recommend

Hair Oil
Ruth Frances
Very good

I like the oil

Hair Oil

This oil is amazing! I went to a hairdresser last minute for the first time to get a sew in. He sewed too much tracks in one spot which overtime made my hair fall out. When it took it out my hair was literally falling out and I had a HUGE bald spot. I was so sad and depressed because I literally didn’t know what to do and I wanted to cut all my hair off. I ended up using this oil and the results are amazing!!! I’m so happy because I can confidently wear my hair back again. It has also made my hair grow and it has made my hair thicker and softer. I love love love this is soooooo much. Thank you for this because it’s honestly a life saver!

Shower Combo
Keri Gaukroger
African sponge and bar

We really like the products. My daughter has seen improvement on her eczema using the combination. I have lovely soft skin from daily use of the sponge.