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ZOC Spray Bottle

ZOC Spray Bottle

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Our ZOC Spray Bottle is a product that you won't be able to live without due to how flexible it is and how many things it can be used for in your normal daily life!

Bottle size: 300ml

We personally like to have multiple dotted around the house for different things! 😉

Here are some benefits:

  • Our bottle is Multipurpose - Our Beauty Spray ZOC bottle comes in a completely airless sleek bottle, designed with pre-compression technology that delivers a powerful spray that can be used for hair and skincare, and many other things
  • Aerosol-Free Spray - It provides an aerosol-like spray without the use of hazardous propellant gases and pressurised containers that harm the environment. 
  • All directions - the bottle allows 360-degree spray making it easier for those areas that are hard to reach.
  • Continuous spray with fine mist - The high-quality, very fine mist combined with a continuous spray function covers large areas quickly, evenly, and in all directions from the first drop. With a spray, it lasts for several seconds and it is very useful and convenient in daily life.
  • For hair - We recommend putting in a few pumps of our ZOC hair oil and use about 100ml of water, shake it up and spray on our hair to help moisturise the hair. It is perfect for protective styles which include braids, cornrows underneath wigs, and curly weaves. Due to the formula of our hair oil, it will also help with dandruff, itchiness, and helps reduce/eliminate the smell that can attract onto protective styles. Also due to how the bottle is structured, it makes it easier to put your favourite products for issues such as detangling hair as the liquid in the bottle will spray onto your hair evenly.                    
  • For beard - We recommend putting a few pumps of our ZOC beards oil and 100ml of water and spraying your beard and hair when needed to keep moisturised.

 *Make sure the solution that you choose to mix into your bottle isn't too thick as it will not spray well

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