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Zarina O Cosmetics

ZOC Beard Brush/Comb

ZOC Beard Brush/Comb

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Why you need our ZOC Beard Brush/Comb

Stimulates Growth  - As well as our oil, stimulating your beard hair follicles will help grow your beard. This releases the natural oils that are essential to beard awesome. The naturally stiff wild boar bristles do this job to perfection.

Distributes Product Evenly - Our brush is perfect for distributing our beard oil all over the beard/hair ensuring all your beard is taken care of!

Made from Beech Wood - The unique chemical composition of beechnuts has been said to be stimulating for hair growth and strengthening of the hair follicle beds. If you suffer from hair loss or brittle hair, the oil extracted from these nuts can be added to our hair/beard oil and used on the hair to boost its appearance and strength. 

It also makes a great gift as it comes in a lovely organza bag that is reusable or can be used to add your favourite ZOC hair/beard oil.


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