ZOC Sapo African Sponge
ZOC Sapo African Sponge
ZOC Sapo African Sponge
ZOC Sapo African Sponge
ZOC Sapo African Sponge

ZOC Sapo African Sponge

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In Ghana, this is called Sapo which is also known as African Net Sponge.

You need this as it can last up to years and scrubs your body much better than loofahs.

This is perfect for cleansing your body, and works great as an exfoliating to remove dead skin. If you have difficulty reaching  your back, you'll love this super stretchy Net.


Best way to use:

With our TemiTumeric soap, rub the soap onto the net and wash your body


wrap the TemiTumeric soap in the net and scrub all over your body

When using on your back Hold each side and scrub your back, back and forth.

This is especially great if you have strawberry legs! 😉


After use: rinse with water and hang to dry, ready for your next use.

We suggest changing it every 6 months.

Customer Reviews

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Heidi F
love this exfoliator

Was already taken with the TemiTurmeric soap, so decided to try this as well. This is the best exfoliator I've ever used, for both face and body. It gives you an effective scrub without being harsh and my sensitive skin has never been this smooth, soft and moisturized. Highly recommend!

Rocio Jimenez

ZOC Sapo African Sponge

Imtiaz Begum
Zoc sapo African sponge

Saw it on tiktok. So decided to purchase one. Received with week. What can I say its was amazing my body feels so smooth and soft I highly recommended it anyone.

Better than anything I've had before!

I started using African sponges a few years ago after reading that they're better to use for cleaning the body. I mainly purchased them from Amazon or eBay. Zarina's sponges are the best ever! So stretchy, long, beautiful colours and not too rough on the skin but strong enough to give it a good scrub. So much quicker in the shower with these.

100% recommend!

Danait Tebarek

Love the product so far it looks like it’s working